The Hair Biz Hub Membership

A community for business owners who are ready to become super doers and get support and accountability to achieve your goals.

Hair Biz Hub is your secret sauce to getting out of inaction, procrastination and getting important things done in your business.

Cheryelle King Salon Mentor

You have been in business for a while or just starting out and you have big dreams and goals- I get it.

You’re done with working by yourself, not having someone to ask questions to and having to plan things in your business without any support.

Well That stops now. We have got your next 12 months of support sorted!

We are bringing the energy ,fun, accountability, support and coaching to get your creative juices flowing.

Ready to set your motivation levels to new height?

Let’s do this together!

The Hair Biz Hub is where the magic happens. Join us today, and be part of our awesome community of go- getters. It;s time to kick doubt to the curb and start taking action on those big goals.

It’s a place for strategic and fun conversations and coaching. It brings together ” beyond the foundations” business & mindset strategies.

What Is Included?

Access to the Hair Biz Facebook Community page, as well as the Hair Biz Learning Portal, which includes the Revive to Thrive and Hair Biz Foundations Courses and many more along with over 20 downloadable resources and actionable templates.

Additionally, you will have access to monthly webinars with informative topics that are delivered every month to keep you accountable.

This is a subscription that provides you with a range of benefits for 12 months to help you with your planning & kicking those goals. You will also have opportunities to work with Cheryelle for a member only price.

The cost of the membership is $1164 for the entire year, or you can pay $97 per month.

See you on the inside!!

Cheryelle xx